eco-friendly portable toilets

How to make your event more eco-friendly

Whether you’re hosting the event party of the year or organising and catering for a corporate event, your impact, and most importantly, your events impact on the environment needs to be considered very carefully. For most outdoor events, you will need to provide event toilet facilities.  The good news is, there is a way to reduce the… Continue reading How to make your event more eco-friendly

plant rollers

Rollers at Addplant

When it comes to types and uses of rollers, surprisingly there is more than just one type, with only one sole purpose. As contrary to popular belief and from walking through the gates at Addplant, you’ll find several different types of rollers all designed for different uses. Types of Rollers Available Road rollers are machines designed to… Continue reading Rollers at Addplant

all about plant equipment

The truth about hiring plant equipment

There is a lot of hearsay and speculation when it comes to hiring plant equipment for large, ongoing or one-off projects. There are many, and we mean many plant equipments hire companies to choose from, which makes finding the right information from a trusted source vital, (if you're to avoid unnecessary expenses.) This can especially be the case… Continue reading The truth about hiring plant equipment

temporary fencing maintenance

Do you need Mobile Welfare Units for your site?

Welfare units are primarily found on project sites to ensure that not only are all legal requirements being met but that all workers on site are comfortable and happy. Creating a happy workforce cannot be underestimated, and making sure you have good welfare units available for use can make all the difference. Mobile welfare units… Continue reading Do you need Mobile Welfare Units for your site?