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Do you need Mobile Welfare Units for your site?

Welfare units are primarily found on project sites to ensure that not only are all legal requirements being met but that all workers on site are comfortable and happy.

Creating a happy workforce cannot be underestimated, and making sure you have good welfare units available for use can make all the difference.

Mobile welfare units also offer you convenience and flexibility, as they aren’t fixed, they arrive at you in good condition, and can be kitted out to your specifications.

Win, win!

But what is a mobile welfare unit?

Purpose built, mobile welfare units can provide you and your workers with everything you need while on site.  Taking care of all welfare needs during the duration of a project, while also complying with all health and safety regulations.

Providing a static base, these units are great if there is currently no power or water connections on site, as these can be supplied separately and again maintained and managed to a high standard (of course if hired from the right company).

Mobile welfare units are also just that.  Mobile. Meaning you can move them around the site with ease, or from project to project if you wish.  Mounted on wheel-based trailers, in some cases, these units can even be towed behind your car!

They also don’t take up too much of your time to install, less than 5 minutes, to be precise!

Welfare unit features

  • A power generator
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Drying room
  • Wash station
  • Seating areas
  • Kitchen/dining area with appropriate cooking equipment

You will also find hot and cold running water, providing you with complete peace of mind that your workers’ needs are all taken care of in one, compact unit.

Being self-contained and portable, mobile welfare units are perfect for: –

  1. Construction sites.  On some sites, you might find that welfare facilities are off-site, making it slightly inconvenient and a hassle for workers, as well as a pain for management keeping track of who is on and off-site.

Having a mobile welfare unit on site takes away all of this stress and concern.  The unit then becomes your facility, and catered to meet yours and your workforce needs.

  1. Outdoor laboratories.  Some factories do use outdoor laboratories as part of their overall facility and structure.  Mobile units in this sense can be tailored to accommodate laboratory equipment and materials as deemed necessary at the times you need them most.

That’s right.  Welfare units don’t just have to be used as welfare facilities; they can be tailored to your specifications and kitted out as you see fit.

  1. Archaeological sites. Archaeological work is usually carried out, outside and mostly in remote and rural environments.  For those taking part in an archaeological expedition, it’s always good to know that your welfare needs are being looked after, by a mobile welfare unit being provided for the duration of your project.

It’s important to have a place to cool off, to rest, as well as be able to prepare food and drink when required.

Mobile welfare units for hire

Hiring mobile welfare units should save you time and money in the long run.  They should also be comfortable and kitted out to your specifications, offering everything that is reasonable and more to meet site and HSE requirements.

Addplant offers all of this and more.  With easy to tow units that are quickly installed and above all competitively and reasonably priced.

We have a range of welfare units to choose from, all suited to different workplaces and specifications, and all HSE compliant.

To speak to a member of the Addplant team to see how we can help you,

call us on 01482 867 227 

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