number of toilets in an event

How many toilets do you need for an event?

Organising an outdoor event?  How many toilets do you require?

Having a checklist of things to consider when organising an event outdoors, might see event toilet hire at the top of the list, but the second point on the list seems always to be…

How many toilets do we need to hire?

It can be hard to work out and cater for, as we have to be honest, not everyone visits the toilet at the same time, but, what if they do?  The last thing you want to see at your event is a queue because there doesn’t seem to be enough facilities for everyone!

But how many toilets is enough and what is the criteria for working out such numbers?

Let us help!

Factors to consider

Surprisingly the number of guests you have attending your event have very little to do with how many toilets you need, with the criteria mainly based on your event and venue information.

For example, have you taken into consideration:

  • If there are any permanent toilet facilities which you can also make use of?  How many people could these accommodate and are they suitable?
  • The location you are using and its overall size?  This will have a significant impact not only on how many portable event toilets you require but also the style and type you can accommodate.  In some instances, it is often best to reduce toilet numbers but increase the number of cleans, and in our experience, you can reduce the number of toilets required by 50%, by making sure facilities are cleaned twice as the event takes place.
  • The kind of event you are having?  For example: –
  • An event less than 6 hours in length, with no food or beverages, will require one toilet for every 100 women and one toilet for every 500 males (hiring a urinal unit can also help and one for every 150 male guests would be suitable)
  • An event which is over 6 hours, again with no beverages or food, we would recommend that one toilet would be suitable for every 85 ladies and for men, one toilet would be apt for every 425
  • An event which is over 6 hours in length and serves food and drinks, means you will typically need one toilet hire for every 75 ladies, one toilet hire for every 400 men and again urinal units are recommended for every 100 men.

Addplant is on hand to help

Experienced professionals in the area of luxury toilet hire, Yorkshire, we can help with any event toilet hire question you have.

We can work with you and your requirements to find the best solutions for you and the most comfortable solutions for your guests.

Now you feel calmer knowing the number of toilets you require; the next question is what type of toilets you should choose?

Browse Addplant’s wide range of portable event toilets as well as optional extras we have available, and if you have a question that you can’t find the answer to on our website, call us on 01482867227, we’d be happy to help!

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